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SQL Server: How to fix error 7903

Recently I had to take care of the filestream corruption in SQL Server 2008 database, so I decided to share my experience. The error from DBCC CHECKDB was:

Msg 7903, Level 16, State 2, Line 1
Table error: The orphaned file “00005c8a-00006362-0001” was found in the FILESTREAM directory ID 9ae6ae63-bcc4-46f7-81cf-db99b01549e8 for object ID 903062353, index ID 1, partition ID 72057594125680640, column ID 11.

Explanation of the error 7903 is (from Cause and Resolution of Database Engine Errors):

“A FILESTREAM file was found in a FILESTREAM column directory; however, the corresponding column value in the partition is missing.”

This error cannot be repaired with CHECKDB so I decided to test what will happen if I physically delete mentioned filestream file. (You should take all user actions described in the document.)

I restored database to different server and executed DBCC CHECKDB again. It finished with the same error as I expected.

So I started to search for the document in the filestream directory of the database.


First I copied the file to another location (I wanted to have a copy of the file) and then I deleted it. When I executed DBCC CHECKDB again it finished without errors.

Deleting the orphaned file will resolve filestream consistency error 7903 (If you decide to delete the file be sure that you don’t need it.).

If you decide to do that on a production SQL Server, you do so entirely at your own risk.


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